1. Actuality of the data

The basic requirement for the display of current level data is an active data connection of your smartphone (mobile or WLAN). The timeliness of the data then depends on:

2. At what time interval are the level data updated?

For most gauges, the data is updated several times an hour or at least hourly. However, due to technical limitations at some gauges, this may only every six hours or once a day. For further information, please contact the respective tide gauge data service/flood centre via the "Transnational Flood Portal" (

3. Selection and questions about individual levels

The gauges can be selected via the various maps or under Explore using the gauge directory or the search there (magnifying glass symbol). You can access the search by selecting the map symbol in the menu at the bottom centre. The menu item "Directory" at the top right takes you to the complete list of selectable gauges and areas. You can also select water levels via the map. If no water level is available at the location you are looking for, it is advisable to select the nearest water level via the course of the watercourse. If you have any further questions about the water levels in your region, please contact the respective water level data service/flood centre via the "Transnational Flood Portal" (

4. Gauge subscription management

Subscriptions can be used to subscribe to status reports or individual overrun or underrun messages. Subscriptions can be viewed via the menu item „Messages“ („Inbox“ tab in the top left-hand corner). and, if necessary, delete them or change again (tap the „Subscriptions“ tab in the top right-hand corner).